Month: November 2014

Nightly Distractions.

So, a fly was in the kitchen when I got home. Max (my psychotic, bi-polar, gay dog) was frantically jumping around and chomping while trying to catch it. Eventually, it disappeared. Which is great, because I was convinced he was going to crack open his skull on every sharp object in my kitchen something. I’m upstairs in my room for… Read more →

Thankful November – Post Two

1. Good friends, shitty hangovers. Seriously. I’m recently single and trying to enjoy nights out/in with friends. After quite the spirited Saturday night I awoke to a hangover. I tried one of those hangover drinks and it worked enough to not feel like a corpse. Laziness took over for most the day. 2. Yoga until you can’t yoga no mo’. New… Read more →

Thankful November – Post One

Everyone likes to make lists of things they’re thankful for in the month of November. I’ve done it. I’ve even cut out little leaves out of construction paper, wrote daily and hung them on the wall. Honestly, I thought about doing it again this year since it’s going to be a completely different holiday season than I’ve had for 8… Read more →