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Being An Adult Is Hard.

I just had a conversation with my lifelong best friend in which we both shared the same sentiment: being an adult is overwhelming, sometimes disappointing, and a heavy weight on our shoulders.   Friend: Sure do miss our sleepovers. Your Dad’s house. Bottom bunk. Dead AIM – both signed in. Me: Life was easy then.   But we forget what mattered at… Read more →

Recipe: Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

You guys. It turns out I really, really like quinoa. You’re probably sick of almost all my recipes including it. But, as a vegetarian, it’s a really great source of protein and it’s just so damned delicious. So, deal with it. I’ve made this for many, many people. Meat-lovers have raved that it’s just as good as their version (or better)… Read more →

Why You Should Date a Strong Woman.

Although I’m (almost) 30 and single-ish(?), I consider my relationship life to be quite successful. My last relationship was 8 years and the only reason it didn’t result in marriage is because I realized we had grown into quite different people. We didn’t really fight and are still really close friends. I could be married, but I wouldn’t be doing either… Read more →